Cover photo. A drawing of a badger, a mouse, a squirrell and a hedgehog

York Disability Week Brochure Commission

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I was delighted to be asked to complete a cover piece for the brochure of York Disability Week 2020 by York Human Rights City. As soon as I was asked to do the piece I knew exactly the team I needed to assemble- Mouse, Badger, Squizzle and Hedge. Where better for them to go to represent York? Clifford’s Tower!

To see the full program of events see York Disability Week website here.

The illustrated cover of a brochure. The illustration features 'Clifford's Tower' (a decaying castle in York). In front of Clifford's tower is a badger wearing a sunflower lanyard, a mouse with a long cane, a squirrell with hearing aids and a hedgehog in a wheelchair. Text reads 'York Disability Week'

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