What is Occupational Therapy?


“A doctor will add days to your life. An Occupational Therapist will add life to your days.” – Unknown

This week has been #OTweek, where we raise awareness of occupational therapy (OT) as a profession.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy is about quality of life and what we as human beings choose to do with our time. Where doctors extend your life, a good OT will help you find things that improve your life and wellbeing. Whether it is hobbies like cooking or knitting or helping you improve your independence or motor skills: it is about what the service user wants and needs to do. It is less about the impairment and more about the person. Occupational therapists put the person first and work with a wide range of people from every level of society and ability.

This week also happens to be the first week I have gone out into the world as a student OT. So far I am loving my work in a neurological rehabilitation centre and the wide range of work OTs do there. The work is hard but rewarding. As a disabled person myself the ideology of occupational therapy really resonates with me. It seems the perfect balance between practical and medical intervention for an illness or condition, and helping people achieve their aspirations in other areas of life such as hobbies. After years of studying to get on this course- I am finally on my way to reaching my OT dreams and am proud to be rocking the bottle green flares!

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