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The Findings and Thoughts of a Newly Released Inpatient

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  1. Toilet seats are underappreciated.
  2. Oh shower with temperature control how I love you…
  3. AND I don’t have to dance around a sensor to keep it running.
  4. Sleeping in is a simple pleasure.
  5. There’s food that tastes like something I would want to eat here.
  6. Windows and doors that actually open are fantastic.
  7. Fresh air has never felt so good!
  8. I can even do my own tea the right way. In case you need clarification on this: water, teabag out, sugar THEN milk.
  9. The reality of having more than the same two options every day for lunch is mind blowing.
  10. Toilet paper in the real world is softer!
  11. I can go out? Now? Brilliant!
  12. Watching something on TV at the same time as everyone else rather than slumping over iplayer is doing wonders for my Twitter life.
  13. Having space to dance around in is space well spent.
  14. Support workers? Who have time to support? Wow.
  15. Having free reign and camera access on my phone is exciting.
  16. The real world is a lot calmer than the inside of a CAMHS unit.
  17. Having bedroom access during the day is great for naps or picking up forgotten items.
  18. Space to hang my clothes means I don’t have to work ‘crumpled up chic’.
  19. And just the knowledge that I’m no longer in hospital is pretty darn amazing in itself.

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