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This is one of those practical posts where I talk about blog and life stuff. Sorry.

So after a lot of thinking I decided to start my Gold Arts Award- it is a level three qualification based on developing arts practice. It is coursework based and involves making up a portfolio of work. I have loads of time on my hands and I’m in constant need of distraction so I thought it would be great. I’m really enjoying it so far. I’ve chosen to focus on poetry and storytelling as my art forms and I’m very excited about all the project work. I have two awesome mentors and a long road ahead involving many bits of paper and eventually running some poetry workshops of my own. Eek!

This brings me on to the next topic: I have decided to post my poetry and fiction onto a new blog. This means that Upside Down Chronicles can be devoted completely to writing about disability and mental health. This is something I have been considering for a while and now that it has been done I feel a lot freer with ideas and like I have more direction in my writing.

It is also looking like discharge is¬†at last¬†approaching and my time of being ‘Of No Fixed Abode’ is coming to an end! Hoorah! Only a few more things to slot into place. The nightmare might be ending soon.

So expect to hear a bit more from me and if you could follow my new blog Poetry Boots that would be fantastic.


Artistically Pained Bus Stop Pose (I was anxious)


From the Rubble I Can See the Stars

Today I’m in hibernation. My body says sleep and my legs say still and my head says no.

Over the last few months it has felt like I have been mentally burgled.  Everything that I thought was nailed down in my life has been dragged away and burnt to embers, leaving me sitting with the scuff marks on the ground.

The pursuit for housing seems to be going on forever and in the meantime I’m stuck in hospital. To understand all of the systems I am stumbling through I would need a degree. Everything seems to be set up for people with one disability or illness- any more and it turns into a clash of services and procedures.

Yesterday I had an unexpected blow. It broke me completely at first but if anything now I feel relieved. I say to myself “there is nothing to lose and everything to gain”. Again and again. Something will change. The only way from here is up. It’s stoked the fire for me to keep going. Well that’s the case at the moment anyway.