So Called Safe

Times like this I shouldn’t be here Its not stopping my stress it’s stemming it I’ve been helped alongside the girls who eat tape measures and the boys who breathe fire. But I’m angry that as I lie in bed I’m whispering to my pillow “The door’s locked. The door’s locked. The door’s locked.” And […]


He looked into my eyes and saw the misconnections behind them. I know in fifteen minutes he will make his chair do an audible creek; My queue to leave. I knew I wouldn’t pass this MOT Just like at eleven I didn’t pass my cycling proficiency Because I couldn’t see traffic on my left side […]

Written at 5:24am: A Dream About Existence.

I had a dream where I didn’t exist. I wasn’t dead or lost or anything. I’d just never existed at all. And in the dream I was thinking about how I was aware of the fact I didn’t exist…. So in order to think that, something of me must have dwelled in existence’s realm… Right? […]

I Am Exhaled: A Poem

I started letting things inhale me; Books, films, documentaries and albums. They restrained me from thinking for myself. Entrenched me in the lives of others. Whether they were humble, Bewitched Or powerful. I was inhaled. During this time it felt like my own respiration was at a stop. I no longer took breath as myself. […]

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