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Partying and The Like

Whether it is a ‘leavers ball’ or ‘prom’ parties are the talk of every school when it comes to summer. My college is no different! Everyone dressing up, dancing and drinking- is there a better way to spend one of the last nights of term?!

I dressed up with everyone else and found myself, possibly for the first time in my life, feeling comfortable in a party scenario. My girlfriend Z made the trip down to come with me and everyone looked lovely. The prom was in the Arts College across the road which (ironically) is being leased to them by my college. So we reclaimed the territory for the night.

There was lots of cheesy music and I danced with people I love, new and old. Seeing lecturers all dressed up and slightly tipsy was hilarious and I danced until I had to abandon my heels… Then carried on dancing.

The night ended with myself and Z driving good friend, M, home in her electric wheelchair as she seemed to have suddenly become intoxicated at the wheel. The event really showed the togetherness of our college and how tight-knit our community really is. All the leavers will be sorely missed. I’m sure they will all do well in their blindingly bright futures… (Ha!)


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