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“And Though She Be But Little, She is Fierce!’ – Two Years of Freedom

So today is the day that I write a soppy post dedicated to my faithful sidekick, Noodle…

Two years ago today I regrew my wings and qualified with my beautiful guide dog. The dog that; got me through school, travels the country by my side, keeps me going and helps the outside world keep me going. She is a key sword in my fight against mental illness and sight loss and she is my world.

I have said most of this many, many, times before.

When looking for a quote to describe my loyal companion a long time ago I could find no better than the wonderful Mr Shakespeare:

One of the things people always comment on is Noodle’s skinny frame. She is a very slight dog naturally and in nature when working she is my shadow. She will often peek at the world from behind my legs. We take it in turns to be the brave one. This year I managed to connect with Noodle’s puppy walkers, the people who looked after her for the first year of her life. So here is really, really, little Noodle… She is comparatively quite big now!

Tiny puppy Noodle lying asleep on paving flags

But she is fierce, not in a snappy-bite-your-head-off way, but in her own mental strength. If I ask her to do something she will do it. If I am in a bad situation she will find a way to get me out of it. At our one year anniversary I thought I couldn’t love her anymore, but this little dog is full of surprises and my love for her just keeps growing.

Noodle following me on a swing.