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Maybe I’m A Party Pooper… But…

I don’t *get* Halloween. I don’t understand it and I don’t like it. Why do we have a day to celebrate scary things? Where is the joy in scaring people and being petrified? More importantly why have we been bombarded with it since ‘back to school’ left the shelves back in September ?

I don’t think myself, as an anxious person, and Halloween mix. I’m dreading the knocks on the door tomorrow night; figures in black and masks, drinking and noise. Even if it is just kids from down the road- it sounds like a recipe for panic attacks.

The one thing I hate the most is that there is no ‘Halloween Opt Out Scheme’. I can’t wear some kind of badge that says “Please do not scream stuff at me- I may have a brake down”. There is no way to get across that you are genuinely terrified on a night that glorifies being genuinely terrified. Some people seem to believe that Halloweeen gives them the God given right to be nasty. Teasing spooking and scaring- “AH COME ON ITS HALLOWEEN.”

It’s not that I’m a wimp or a spoilsport- but I find something very unsavoury about the celebration. People seem to think it is a lisence to do anything they like to whoever they like. Just bear in mind that not everyone is ‘in the spirit’ -pun- of Halloween. So just be respectful, okay?
I’m probably spending this year with a book and hoping to all the lucky stars that no one knocks on the door. Can’t we hibernate until Bonfire Night is over?

I’d love to know if anyone else with anxiety/mental health problems feels this way too, at the moment I feel like a massive party pooper and a rubbish teenager. I did however feel the need to take this cute snap of little Mél inside a pumpkin bag from Tesco!