Self Caring When You Are Self Hating

No one ever told me that self hatred would be the thing that stopped me functioning. We talk about depression and anxiety, but their most powerful associate hides in us all. If you have too much of it self hatred is potent. Hating yourself can stop you from getting dressed, eating healthy foods and it […]

I Know You Feel Down Right Now

But I promise that it is okay for you to feel like this. You don’t have to pull yourself together. I know everything is too fast and you feel too slow. The world hurts you every time you leave your bed. You feel pain physically and mentally as you bound between every anxiety-made impossibility. You feel completely […]


He looked into my eyes and saw the misconnections behind them. I know in fifteen minutes he will make his chair do an audible creek; My queue to leave. I knew I wouldn’t pass this MOT Just like at eleven I didn’t pass my cycling proficiency Because I couldn’t see traffic on my left side […]

A Gnome-Like Creature Has Not Told Me The Name of This Emotion.

I was sitting in my ward round meeting at *Heron Unit. Scattered around the room were a psychiatrist, occupational therapist, doctor, teacher, a nurse and a secretary whom patients indirectly referred to as ‘skinny cow’. Because she was… Skinny… And we didn’t know much more. Last week I chose to only speak French at ward […]

I Am Exhaled: A Poem

I started letting things inhale me; Books, films, documentaries and albums. They restrained me from thinking for myself. Entrenched me in the lives of others. Whether they were humble, Bewitched Or powerful. I was inhaled. During this time it felt like my own respiration was at a stop. I no longer took breath as myself. […]

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