To Be Crafty- Crochet Crazy 

In my last post I expressed my complete frustration with being in hospital in the form of an extensive list. The birth child of frustration when you are in a situation you can do nothing about is boredom. It’s sneaky. It is when you find yourself feeling rubbish and then having nothing to do to prevent you falling head first into a relapse or episode. Nothing to distract yourself.

I think I do pretty well at keeping myself occupied. I have notebooks filled with memorised French grammar, six months worth of scrapbooks from my other unit, films, books and more. But these options get exhausted as time goes on.

One thing I have started doing is crochet, which was taught to me on a visit from my sister N to Heron unit. It was pretty hard to crochet there as you weren’t allowed the needles unsupervised and only one ball of wool at a time. Of course this was subject to your presenting mood- so half the time there was no chance!

I’ve just completed this crochet blanket for my best friend’s eighteenth birthday. It was a really good project for me and I found the repetitive action of crochet really soothing. I’ve always wanted to be a ‘crafty’ person. Making things that look reasonable and having things to do other than watching my Skins box set and reading (both activities I love dearly).

The unit craze at the moment are the amazing Kerri Smith books, in paticular wreck this journalIf you haven’t encountered it before- it is a fantastic book which instructs page by page how to destroy it. It creates some hilarious staff-patient dialogue, for example: “Ellie why are you crushing blueberries into that book?!”, “Sophie don’t bite novels”.  The list goes on.

I’m now onto crocheting a ‘leggy cat’ which Hobbycraft has promised to be easy. We will see about that- two paws in and the poor thing already looks like he could apply for cosmetic surgery on the NHS!

This was just a quick post- but I would love to know if you guys have any projects or any future project plans? Are you crafty?