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When Lacie Came to Play!

This story starts years ago with this girl, my best friend Maria.

She is one of the select handful of people who I would say I have grown up with. Throughout my teenage years she has always been there for me; recommending books, chatting and making things. We both have a lot in common, for one we were both not the biggest fans of mainstream school and spent time as home and flexi-schoolers. We used to do all sorts of slightly eccentric things- such as make artistic creations in the outhouse Maria named her Studio and devouring a large carton of strawberry smoothie each during the afternoons we spent hanging out together .


But then all went quiet. It looked like we had grown apart for a while until I got a message. The message was a text which told me that she and her boyfriend had just found out that she was pregnant, that she was happy about the news but sad that we had grown apart. I always imagined the day a friend tells me that they are pregnant, I always pictured that if they were young it would be dramatic and tearful like the movies. But not Maria. Maria is smart, funny, loving and capable. I knew from the word go that having a baby would be the making, rather than the breaking, of her. And from then on we were knitted back together as best friends. We watched the tiny bump grow in her tummy while we came up with lists of potential future names.

Then I had to go away to college, and then I was hospitalised. Lacie Harper was born healthy and well but I was too far away to meet her… Until today! Maria brought baby Lacie onto the unit with her so that we could have a catch up, baby cuddle and natter.

Lacie, having been perfectly behaved on the drive up, on arrival made the staff discover that there are no baby change facilities of any description on site. She subsequently joyfully pooed her nappy in the Multi-Disciplinary Team room. Maria, who has always been one of the most calm and capable people I know, sorted the poos with ease on one of the chairs and ditched them in a nearby bin. The thought of the MDT going into their important meeting room on Monday and being greeted by the strong aroma of poo doesn’t half make me smile, But I think (hope) that the smell may have subsided by then. Oh the life of a baby- being so adorable that no one even minds if you are pooing everywhere…

So I am proud to say that I get to call myself an auntie to this beautiful little girl. She is such a smiley and lively little one.


It was great to see Maria again, and of course we put the world right by discussing things like: why people always say ‘Tah’ when a baby does anything that looks even relatively like handing something to someone. Wouldn’t it be strange to do this to any grown human? As a barista starts to walk to the counter with your coffee you saying ‘tar’ until it is actually given to you? Also why do people put on a baby voice when it is clearly patronising and limiting the vocabulary a baby can learn?

But thank you Lacie for bringing your Mummy and I back together. I promise to be a good auntie (and Maria when she’s older I never really will fill her with sugar and then hand her back to you- I promise).

You can Follow Maria and Lacie on their blog here!