This flag is for you.

There is a group that is always slightly separated from the LGBT+ community. The ‘Q’, questioning. I think most people have at one time or another questioned their sexuality. Maybe that’s because even when you become sure of your sexuality, the outside world continues to question you about it. I remember working with a young teen, who burst into tears and told me: “I just want to know what I am. There’s so many groups and I’m scared I don’t fit in any. Who am I?!”. It honestly broke my heart. So here’s a poem for the questioning. This one is for you 💚

An LGBT progress flag with brown, black and trans stripes is written on. It reads: “Here’s to the not-so-sure. The googlers. The online quiz takers. The ‘just a friend’. The thinkers. The actors. The ones who lost family. The ones who lost and found themselves. Beautiful, queer, you. This flag is for you too.”

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