Disability Arts Creative Youth Network (DACY)

Since December 2018 I have been a lead facilitator the Disability Arts Creative Youth (DACY) Network at York Explore Library.

DACY itself is a unique project that encourages and helps young disabled artists develop and grow in skills that are relevant to them. Less of an ‘art club’ more of a professional space alongside people who understand what it is like to be young and disabled. What we do depends entirely on what the young people present want and need, between both facilitators we have experience in many areas- from digital art to collage and many links to other artists. So far we have created an extremely well received exhibition and we are currently working on creating our own zine. Both facilitators running DACY are disabled themselves, meaning it’s an environment where everyone truly ‘gets it’.

DACY is for young people under 25, who identify themselves as having a disability- be that a physical impairment, mental health problem or being neurodiverse. If you or someone you know is interested in joining DACY I would be delighted to answer any questions if you contact me.

a group of the DACY young people and facilitators Imogen and Stephen in front of a display of colourful artwork.
The DACY Network- including our fabulous PAs and Parents who support our work!

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