Minds Like Mine

What is it?

Minds Like Mine is a project to show what great neuro-diversity is out there!

What is the goal?

The goal is to raise awareness of mental illness and neurological disorders, share stories and give support.

When is it?

We aim to post a new submission every fortnight from Wednesday the 13th of August onwards.

Who is taking part? 

We have an initial base of participants, 21 inspirational people from all over the world. But you could join in too!

Can I take part?

If you suffer from a mental illness or a neurological condition you are able to join in our mission! However:

  • Your condition must have been diagnosed by a medical professional.


  • You are without diagnosis but have been suffering from symptoms of poor mental health -for example panic attacks- for a significant amount of time (over six months).

How do I contribute?

There are four ways you can be asked to take part. You can also request one of the four, and we can discuss it via email.

  1. Vlogs
    You can submit a video of yourself answering the MLM prompt sheet.
  2. Articles
    You can write a piece, either answering the prompts or letting your creativity flow.
  3. Art
    You can send in just a photo, a piece of artwork or a piece of music. You don’t need to write a lot, only why you felt the piece was relevant to the project.
  4. Selfie
    You can send in a selfie or video of yourself completing the phrase “Minds like mine…”

Can I be anonymous?

Of course! Just give yourself a groovy new name!

How do I get involved?

To talk about how you can get involved please email: thenopeboat@outlook.com

What do you think?

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