Imogen jumping outside a hospital building

369 Days

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Two years ago I was in the back of an ambulance.
I waited in A&E for my turn.
I got out 369 days later.
It was a bloody long turn.

In the first six months I learned:
They could restrain me,
They could drug me,
They could detain me,
But I would survive.

I could survive:
Violent patients,
Being forced to eat,
24/7 surveillance,
and my heart would still beat.

After the tyranny freedom was elected.
I was no longer an animal- held down and injected.
I found that words made me lighter,
Each time I said or read them I shone a little brighter.
My talents lay in living and not dying
and every step forward is a person I’m defying.

Once it is broken the glass does not fear the floor.
Tell me I shan’t.
Tell me I can’t.
I’ve heard them all before.

3 thoughts on “369 Days

  1. Thank you for your honesty it really helps. Ironically, while you had to be forced to eat I have to be forced to stop eating…I am a big lady but I can stop now. It still does not stop the guilt when I eat two desserts at a church potluck!
    You are braver than I as I still fear the floor….there might be cookies there I have not found yet…..

  2. You have been in my thoughts and prayers throughout every single day of these two years.. Please darling can you get in touch … Xxxxx

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