Birthday Celebrations of Survival

: a brown mouse stands triumphant with arms in the air and wearing a party hat. Confetti is in the air and a banner reads “well done on surviving another year you absolute fighter!”.
Today I turn 21. It feels… big. On my 18th I had been in hospital nearly a year, convinced that everything around me was a ‘game’ and that I would be killed before I turned 18. My 19th I was terrified of food and an anxious mess. My 20th I felt glad to leave my teens but had so much uncertainty. This year things feel better. I wanted to create a mouse cartoon for when birthdays are celebrations of survival for whatever reason. Physical health, mental health or bad experiences- for some of us birthdays are reminders we survived. Though it’s hard to accept all the fuss and ‘niceness’, it only happens once a year. Let it happen. 💚

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