Silence is Broken

The silence is broken. You probably hadn’t notice that there was a silence there to break…

So I broke it myself.

I’ve been in a bit of a blogging rut recently; I have so many ideas yet putting them into chronological (or even just logical) order has been near impossible. I appear to have a mental blogging backlog. If you read my most recent post you will know that the last few months have brought big changes for me. I needed a bit of time away from the blogosphere/twittersphere to process everything that has gone on for myself before writing for others.

The up-shot is: everything has turned out great.

I’m ill but I’m happy, and yes those two concepts can coincide. Actually I’ve not been this happy in a long time.

I’m settled, I’m fine, I’m in very capable hands with my foster family and I’m trying my best at everything that comes my way.

More updates to follow.


I even represented UDC at AHRC Commons!

P.S – I am really peeved that England is leaving the EU!! 🙁


One thought on “Silence is Broken

  1. Yes I did notice your silence. Things have been difficult in the crushing anxiety/hide from everyone world of my brain. I hoped things were better for you and I am glad they are. Its one tiny step forward five steps back around here but I keep trying!

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