Potential Trigger Warning:


“You are a person who feels the highest of highs and the lowest of lows”

This short film is absolutely beautiful. It represents perfectly experience of living with Borderline Personality Disorder.

As a condition it is talked about so little and is heavily stigmatized. This film stresses the complete turmoil the condition puts a person into rather than focusing on how it looks from the outside. I particularly like the positives that are mentioned: How ‘Borderlines’ are often resilient despite having endless experiences of pain and hurt. To live with this condition you become a survivor.

“You are resilient and you try again. You’ve suffered so deeply, so much of the time. You push on; searching for love, hope and compassion.”

9 thoughts on “I AM BORDERLINE: A Short Film

  1. this is such an amazing reflection of how it truly feels to struggle with BPD. I’ll definitely be sharing it with many others, thank you for posting this.

  2. Reblogged this on Anxious S and commented:
    This is the most moving and touching video I have ever watched this shows exactly what it is like in our minds, our thoughts, our feelings.

    We are warriors, in a dark forrest without a compass.

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  4. Beautiful film! I don’t know much about BPD but I’m sure others with different mental illness can relate to certain parts. I know I did. I look forward to learning more.

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