Saving Mélodie

Today myself and Noodle welcomed a new friend into our mouse hut. Say hello to Mélodie the rescue hamster!

She has been brought to me by the amazing hamster rescue- Austin’s Hamster Haven. They rescue little ones like Mél from awful conditions and personally chauffeur them to their new cage- wherever that may be! All they ask is for a donation and a forever home for the furry ones.

Mélodie is a Syrian hamster and is seven months old. Her Syrian status means that she does NOT like company from fellow hamsters. This is a well known fact about the species, it comes up with a quick google, yet Mél and her sister Portia were still placed in a tiny cage together. They were passed from owner to owner- only being kept for a few weeks before being sold on. Portia and Mélodie squabbled and it’s a miracle that they didn’t seriously harm each other. Luckily the rescue stepped in just in time. They had tried to intercept the pair several times after seeing them being passed around on the Internet. Finally an owner surrendered them to the rescue rather than trying to sell the unhappily cohabiting pair on yet again for money. This is possibly the kindest act any of Mél’s previous owners did for her.

Mélodie now lives in a perfect cage for a hamster (77 x 47 x 36 cm) and it’s all of her very own. Many think this is extravagantly big for a hamster cage but it is what is necessary for a physically and psychologically healthy hammie. I’m lucky enough to have kept hamsters most of my life so I’m a bit of an old hand at bringing grumpy little ones round but Mélodie is perfect. For the record: the rescue even makes sure all their little ones are tamed before rehousing them.

Mél is a fighter- having survived so many unpleasant homes. She’s safe now with me, and hopefully her company will do me good!

PLEASE if you are thinking of getting a hamster don’t feed the breeders! Go to a rescue!
a collage of little mél

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  1. She is beautiful! Well done for giving her another chance and for promoting the work of this local charity too. Hope she s not too much of a nocturnal exercise nut! Xx

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