Appointment Disappointment in Rising Water

My transfer between children and adult services has been somewhat… Rough.

Adult service’s attitude seems completely different to CAMHS. Where CAMHS tell you to build trust and seek help AMHS want you to fight it out alone.

The first and second meetings I had with adult services felt like boxing matches which I was losing. The CCO I had been assigned seemed to hold the “just get on with it” approach. She seemed to be making assumptions based on my diagnosies and it felt like I was being repeatedly beaten around the head. She disapproved with the crisis plan I had formed over my year as a CAMHS inpatient (that worked) and told my carers not to follow it. This was so harmful and took work on my part to convince carers that what she was suggesting wasn’t in my best interest. My words were twisted and when I asked for the meeting to end I was told that it wasn’t up to me and so she continued. My carers were told to treat my symptoms like bad behaviour to show me that my actions have consequences. In essence to treat me like a naughty child. For the next month I felt like I couldn’t trust anybody.

If you still have destructive behaviours then you are deemed too high risk to have psychological therapy. In fact you need to be at least six months harm free for any therapy at all. It’s a weird in-between world where I am too well to be in hospital but too sick to be in therapy. The interim? Work with the CCO who I have no trust in.

My third meeting was much more positive as it was with just the psychiatrist and another CPN. They suggested my previous encounters with my CCO may be due to her ‘not having full information’ – AKA not reading my notes. It’s a good job she isn’t a surgeon if she sees patients without fully reading notes! She ‘may have jumped in at the deep end’ without knowing how (their word) ‘complex’ my case is. This would explain her approach, but the intial meetings have still destroyed my trust in her and the service as a whole. The meeting with the psychiatrist and other CCO went well but one of the outcomes is that I have to have ‘peer mentoring’ (where another worker observes a session) with my CCO before I can change worker.

That news made me edgy to say the least and I lost a lot of sleep and sanity waiting for the appointment. I’ve been struggling a bit lately and I find it frustrating that rather than changing worker and beginning therapeutic work right away I have to jump through this hoop. I suppose they have to make sure patients give workers a fair chance, but I can’t see me getting much out of sessions with her. The nature of BPD is that trust is hard to find and very fragile: once it’s gone it’s gone. My trust for most things these days is in the vacuum cleaner because it was making the floor dusty.

The day of the meeting came, yesterday, and my carers got a phone call to cancel. I’ve been having mini-crisises all week but the build up had been excruciating and for it to be cancelled at the last minute with no idea when it would be rescheduled… A fuse blew.

I just need to start getting help. My carers are slowly gaining understanding and I just  have to try to trust them to look after me rather than bottling it up and going to pieces alone for fear of them not being able to cope with me. I desperately need positive experiences with AMHS because at the moment I’m like a bottle factory with a flood.

9 thoughts on “Appointment Disappointment in Rising Water

  1. They have no idea how people build themselves up for appointments do they! I hope they sort themselves out. The ‘naughty child’ business must have been hard to hear.Do you think things might improve with TEWV taking over? Best wishes

    1. Nope… I ended up as a walk in today in bits. It was hard to hear and completely inaccurate- my episodes happen when I’m alone or in company and are completely out of my control. Anyone who has seen me in that state is without doubt that I’m not a ‘naughty child’. I’m sorry- what is TEWV? Thanks for reading!

    2. That s Tees , Esk and Wear Valleys NHS foundation Trust. New provider of most former Leeds and York partnership mental health services in North Yorkshire 😊

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