Inside Out: Five Concepts That Make It The Deepest Disney Film Yet

I didn’t expect to come out of a Disney movie with a feeling of being completely emotionally drained. I had been excitedly waiting to see Inside Out for quite a while, but I wasn’t expecting it to leave me in such dewy awe. In my opinion it’s the deepest Disney film yet.

In the film we meet emotions: Anger, joy, fear, disgust and sadness who live inside eleven year old Riley’s head. They control her every move and even her dreams. The film takes you on an exploration of the human nature. The most abstract concepts of the mind are made into perfectly formed symbols given to you on a technicolor plate. There are silly jokes for kids, but I think these concepts will have a hard hitting affect on adults the world over.

  1. Happiness will do anything to find you. In the film the character of Joy controls most of Riley’s life when she is younger. When she finds herself detached from Riley she tries anything and everything to get back into her life. I found this really powerful to watch and I do believe it is true- we all want happiness and the world wants happiness for us. We just need to find each other.
  2. All emotions have their place. Be it Sadness, Anger, Disgust or Fear they all have their place in life and are all just as valid. There is no ‘bad’ emotion. They work together to drive us and help us determine what we want and how we can achieve it, as well as protect us from what will hurt us. We need all of these emotions to be human!
  3. As you grow up into being an adult emotions merge and divide. The world is no longer happy or sad, there is a whole rainbow of things you can feel. I found this amazing chart that shows how the different characters can merge to create many more emotions. Teenage years are filled with this merging; making them a very rocky time in anyone’s life.
  4. We don’t always know what we feel. Our emotions have a huge affect on our body, what we choose to do and how we choose to act. They are very probably the most powerful thing we have. But we can get so caught up in the world that we forget these basic building blocks for everything we do.
  5. Whether you are neurotypical or atypical, they are all in there. You might feel filled with Sadness but happiness can be found if you dig deep enough, no matter how hopeless you might feel. As someone with EUPD I wasn’t sure how much I would connect to this film, but if anything I felt more connected to how my mind works. It sounds silly but AS psychology didn’t make me think so deeply about myself!

The brain is horrendously complex but thankfully we don’t have to completely ‘get it’ in order to use it. This film enlightened me, I found myself thinking my own emotions into characters and imagining my own personality islands.

Inside Out is as deep as you want it to be. Take it as a light-hearted Disney film, or dig under the surface to be waist deep in ¬†psychological and human morals. I think this film will be of more interest to adults than to children because of this, and I’m not sure how much of these concepts children will gather from the plot but I don’t often go to the cinema to think so deeply!

A dream of mine would be for Pixar to create a series of shorts explaining mental illness through the characters. It will never happen, But wouldn’t it be nice?! If you are interested in the mind you should definitely get to the cinema and see this film soon!

Inside Out: Five Concepts That Make It The Deepest Disney Film Yet

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