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Today I am getting involved in the ‘A Day In The Life’ project focussing on people with mental health problems. There have been four dates this year where people with a mental health problem are encouraged to write 700 words about their day. They are then submitted to the site and shared. I will be posting my entry here and also submitting it into the A Day in The Life database. This is the last day organised for the project. So my day on the 26th of August 2015 went a bit like this:

At 7:30am my sleep-in carer wakes me up and runs through plans for the day with me. She gives me my medication and we have a chat about unicorns, watch telly and discuss the night before. Oh and do a quick room tidy.

I’m in the bathroom getting washed and ready between 9 o’clock and 10 o’clock. I try to fight the urge to do things three times but end up surrendering.

Between eleven and twelve I investigate the possibility of me joining a group going to the cinema to see Inside Out. Due to the minibus door being prone to open mid-drive it can’t be filled to capacity, so I will see it on Friday instead.

At twelve I have a cheese toasty- I didn’t want anything but I know I should really eat something. After that I played the ukulele and sang very loudly.

At one o’clock I had my 1:1 support and we went into town. I got my toe nails shelacked a groovy green colour and then we had a smoothie at a café. The sun even came out!

At three we got back and I was pretty tired so I had a cup of tea and a nap. I read through my post and made lists of things I have to say to different people and things I need to organise. This always helps me.

At five I’m feeling quite anxious so I talk to my support worker and paint my fingernails. I don’t know why I am quite so nail varnish crazy at the moment but after I felt a bit better and ate dinner.

At six the anxiety is back and stronger. I dissociate and end up in a field. Not sure how. The scenery was beautiful but it took a while for me to be found. I had a little cry and a cuddle with Noodle and my support worker when they caught up with me.

At eight I had my night medication and watched Horizon on BBC2 because it was about OCD. It made me feel like I wasn’t alone and I loved tweeting along with my fellow mental health tweeters!

At 10pm I got into bed listening to the wise words of Caitlin Moran. I fell asleep really quickly because I was absolutely exhausted!

And that was my day! It wasn’t too out of the ordinary but obviously I was iller than I might have hoped. Everyday I aim to be better than the day before.

Check out the project here: dayinthelifemh.org.uk

my smoothie

This post was edited on the 27th and posted as a backdate.

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