Write On – How to Prevent Blogageddon

Anyone can get a blog. A cyber-allotment to fill with opinions and experiences all of your very own. This is after all the nature of blogging. There is no point writing as a far detached onlooker on a topic found on Sky News that you know no more about than the majority of your readers. People turn to blogs for the niche market of unheard voices. If they want facts they turn on the news.

“Extremists have shown what frightens them most, a girl with a book”
Malala Yousafzai

Words have power. You can fight a war within a paragraph. A well thought out, punctuated, war.

So if you find yourself with the itching of an untold story you should head for the biblio equivalent of sudacrem and share it.

But little known stories are often untold for a reason- either they are weighted with taboo or people don’t want it to be told. But they can’t stop you. Here are the skills I have honed to free myself from the gags, and they fit handily into an acronym.

  • Willingness to Work – Post often and post quality. Otherwise what is the point?
  • Resistance – If you get criticism don’t let it silence you. The more adversity you are met with the more reason for you to speak louder. People might not like the fact you are writing or what you have written, but if it is the truth, eloquent and respectful- on what grounds can they stop you?
  • Invent – think of different ways to get your words out there. If you have no internet, text your posts to a friend with your account details and get them to post what you sent to your blog. If this isn’t a possibility do the same via paper. If all else fails just keep writing and then post when you finally have access to the worldwide web.
  • Time – Coming off the same point- it doesn’t matter when you post. Post six months after you write if you must- just make it clear in your content what you have done so your story has consistency. Take time to evaluate real life people before you hand over your web address. The last thing you want is someone dropping you in the dirt!
  • Educate people with what you say. Explain things clearly and don’t be afraid to talk emotion.


  • Observe what is around you. Your ordinary is someone else’s extraordinary! Inspiration can come from anything if you look into it enough.
  • Nameless. Use pseudonyms to protect the identities of those you write about. Whether you are writing a flattering poetic verse or a 500 word rant- if you don’t name people they become hypothetical identities and are harder to oppose. Giving yourself a pen name can help free yourself up a bit too.

 Write On! Your stories are worth fighting for! 

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