Why I am In: Blog for Mental Health 2015

I stumbled upon Blog for Mental Health on a friend’s blog. Awareness and general stigma kicking? I’m in!

So here we go:
“I pledge my commitment to the Blog for Mental Health 2015 Project. I will blog about mental health topics not only for myself, but for others. By displaying this badge, I show my pride, dedication, and acceptance for mental health. I use this to promote mental health education in the struggle to erase stigma.”


Why I’m in:
I have struggled with mental illness for the last five years. I have struggled with low mood, self harm, OCD, panic disorder, psychosis and disordered eating during this time and I have had enough! Mental illness is a nasty, manipulative thing. And the worst bit? People can be so unaware and insensitive about its very existence. I have been hospitalised since August 2014 and I write regularly about my experiences as both an inpatient and a CAMHS outpatient service user. I read somewhere that having a mental illness is like fighting in a war where the enemy’s main strategy is to convince you there is no war. I can’t think of anything more truthful. I’ve had friends and family worry about me sharing my story due to the stigma.
“What about employers?”
“Are you sure you want to share this?”
But how else will the stigma be beaten if no one is going to speak out?
I want to live in a world where people can have their mental illness treated and understood just like anyone with a physical illness can. I want workmen when entering inpatient units to not be nervous of the patients. I want mental health screening in schools to save lives. I want my friends to be seen as the warriors they truly are.

For more information head over to: Blog For Mental Health 2015

5 thoughts on “Why I am In: Blog for Mental Health 2015

  1. You probably already know this, but you are very strong for being so honest about your struggles. I firmly believe that there is nothing shameful about mental illness, but I think it is important that we band together and let people know what mental illness is like so that they may understand it. “But how else will the stigma be beaten if no one is going to speak out?” is a very true statement! Good post :).

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