Before You Read: The CAMHS Inpatient Chronicles

It’s an odd feeling to write down memories- they are like moths in my head with fragments slowly disintegrating in the light. Please excuse the date, I am actually writing this in 2017. The reason this post is dated 2014 is because I needed it to appear first in this section of this blog. This is your guide for what is to come. 

This category “The CAMHS Inpatient Chronicles” runs from the beginning of my inpatient journey to the end (ascending order). We start at ‘If’ (the next post) and go forward in time from there. The reason I’ve done this is that several people have requested an easier way to read the whole series of blogs. So, as I’m looking at this chronicle again anyway, I have decided to do something new: rewind blogs. 

img_0523In my first unit in particular we had no access to the internet or mobile phones. Even though I was an avid blogger there was nothing I could do to record what happened in those months. So with the help of others who were on the unit at the same time as me and the scrapbooks I kept along the way I will to fill in some of the gaps. These blogs will begin with the ‘Rewind Blogs’ image and will be in a dark green colour. Please note that these blogs are written in hindsight and dates are approximate. It is really important to me that I get these memories down and this is the best way I could think to do it. I want to protect the integrity of the blogs I wrote during this time- but also get out the things I couldn’t publish back then. If you are subscribed you will still be notified of a new post as normal- they will just be dated 2014/2015 instead. 


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