To My Dad On Father’s Day

Dear Dad,

Thank you for being so unashamedly you. Thank you for passing me the bricks to build myself back up when I’m down. Thank you for holding my hand, lying beside me and wiping my tears. Thank you for the arguments that end in laughs and the postman pat parodies. Thank you for waiting outside many a course, party and event. Thank you for the acceptance, the acknowledgement and the encouragement. Thank you for admitting when you have been wrong and for treating me like an adult. Thank you for your Dad worries, though I would rather you didn’t have them. Thank you for guiding me, for fighting for me and being there through thick and thin. Thank you for being my warrior, although sometimes we acknowledge you didn’t make the best move. Thank you for the hugs, for the advice and for the unmistakable love between us. Thank you for hiding pictures of saints under my bed and praying I get better, I’m sorry it didn’t work out. Thank you for my first pair of heels, my first bike and my first prom dress. Thank you for teaching me the power of the written word and how to respect it.

But most of all thank you for being my flying instructor, and for helping me to spread my wings.


Littlest Daughter

my Dad and three year old I drinking out of the same glass with two straws. Dad is a grey haired man with glasses who is smilingly comically

Music: Paul Simon Father and Daughter 

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