To Just Move

I love movement. I always have done. In fact here is a video of me as a sproggling jumping around a climbing frame…

But movement became difficult a few years after this video. I lost a lot of sight and suddenly I needed help in the natural art of moving. Canes, dogs, guides- you get the message. Suddenly I had lost the ability to ‘wander’, I had to go with purpose everywhere. Step counting, road negotiating and mentally tracking my position like they do with tigers on the telly. I can’t just rollerblade, jump and run wherever I want.

In January I experienced my first session with touchdown dance. They are a group which specialise in dance for visually impaired people. On saturday I went to my second session. The dancing is not stereotypical, there are no routines or positions. You just loosen up and move. Whether it is moving with each other or with objects- it is free. The event was organised by LOOK, a charity which have done an awful lot for me in the middle stages between being a sighted sproggling and where I am now. They were the first charity I came across and J and V (those holding flowers) have always been there for me. They are truly amazing people who are going on to new adventures away from the charity. They will be strongly missed, but it’s their time to fly!

A group of people and guide dogs smiling

Noodle the guide dog is also getting ready to fly, she has just had her rabies vaccination to get her passport. Then she is all set to come on any adventures I may find this summer! She sulked at first but I think she is slowly coming round. She’s busy on her iBone. Did I mention she has a facebook page?

And one final word on movement, my phenomenal other half passed her driving test today- first time. I am very proud and she is slightly shell shocked!

I hope you are having a good week!

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