Black Clouds – A Letter to a Stranger

I don’t have much to say this saturday.

I am train sitting. The train is rumbling beneath me. I am sitting in the seat where I was put two hours ago. I have seen people come and go, busy thinking about their destinations. Earlier I saw a young man who appeared to be trying to forget where he was coming from, knocking back Bulmers on the 7:53am train to Picadilly. Sitting hunched with his feet on the seat and his mind chained to his heavy heart. I’ve heard about children, dogs, cats and guinea pigs. Oh and a good restaurant in Stockport. I’ve heard how Martin married too early and how the kids will never accept her as their real mother and how little Charlie is mixed up enough already. How black clouds are looming and the rain will be coming soon. And it seems to me like we are all mixed up in our own ways.

So on my return journey I leave a note on the seat:

Dear Stranger,

I wrote this letter instead of doing my homework. I hope you have had a lovely day and that you have reason to smile. It’s raining at the moment and everyone on the train is declaring “we needed this” and “oooh isn’t it bleak?!”. The black clouds are rolling in and everyone seems to have things going on in their lives which they would rather weren’t going on. I have had an accurate description of the weather for the last 20 minutes. I’ve also gathered a rough blueprint of the people around me’s lives. There are lots of unhappy people in the world. So if there is someone on the train near you give them a smile… go on… because they might be looking at clouds. 

Love and Light,

A stranger. 

The letter left folded on a seat, it says read me.

“Blessed are the cracked, for they shall let in the light.” – Groucho Marx


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