This Month’s Meanderings- May

This month cannot be accused of being uneventful. I sat (with varying levels of success) my AS levels. These were metaphorical mountains which I could not have even imagined climbing this time last year. I also climbed some -almost- real mountains at an outdoors centre one sunny sunday. I climbed rock climbing walls, went on a zip wire and did a spot of abseiling. Like you do.

Me climbing a climbing wall

I also turned seventeen and to celebrate I had a fantastic picnic outside my hall of residence with my friends. We consumed roughly fifty chicken nuggets between us, a fact which we were all strangely proud of. People stopped by for a chat as they crossed the campus and by the end of the night students were bringing instruments down and we were playing along to some tracks blaring out of my iPod speaker.

Me playing the ukulele in a top hat with a friend, we are sitting on concrete slabs outside

Surreally, I also opened a Waitrose in town and saw lots of weird and wonderful cakes there. I gave myself a blogging shake and started myself on a serious schedule for writing- which has worked out pretty well.

A group of french students (the same ones which we visited in Lyon earlier this year) visited our college. We had great fun together, my highlight was definitely going for a very posh pub meal where on the ‘students’ table the main point of discussion was trading swear words in English and French… the teachers and ‘les profs’ chose to turn a blind eye on this one. I also had a few goes at karaoke in French and somehow ended up playing a game of twister with my French teacher and the French English teacher.

Myself and two teachers playing twister

The month rounded off with myself and Z waiting on a very cold and wet sea front to be in standing for a Paolo Nutini concert, though his support act was questionable he was fantastic live and we danced all night.

Paolo Nutini sold out poster

Book-wise this month has been pretty fruitful, I have read three books:

Paper Aeroplanes by Dawn O’Porter

This was a really fun book to read and it was an absolute pleasure. It is a story of teenage friendship and growing up. The characters are really relatable and uniques. It had me in stitches at some points which was embarrassing when I read it in public.

Perfect by Rachel Joyce

This is another book based on growing up. In alternate narrative style between two characters we find out about the life of Byron, James and Jim. This book particularly impressed me with it’s very good portrayal of OCD. The end of the book however is very much a mind warper.

The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida

I picked up this book on a complete whim, however it blew my mind. I am a complete outsider to the world of autism however this book was so enlightening. Each chapter the author (who is autistic and nonverbal himself) explains different aspects of the condition. Not in medical terms, in emotions and instincts.

Perfect coverThe reason I jump book coverPaper aeroplanes cover

Television has been interesting with a lot of drama. It was an exciting month in Coronation Street as the near-annual murder is currently taking place (why anyone would live on Coronation Street I do not know) and channel 4 has pumped out yet more intriguing documentaries like ‘My Granny the Escort’. This particular documentary introduced viewers to  ladies who define themselves as ‘mature working girls’. It is the kind of documentary which goes down very well with the British public- perverse and unintentionally comical. With toe-curling crackers of scenes like an 85 year old showing the filmmaker her sex tape, it is well worth a watch.

My favourite thing on television this month however has to be ‘Happy Valley’. The show has gained a lot of criticism for being so gruesomely graphic, however I personally think that these reviewers are making a merit into a flaw. The writing and the acting is such that it could be seen as a worryingly informative documentary on how to kidnap and murder people, as my mother stated after turning off episode one: “It could give people ideas”. I agree with this statement, it is terrifying, but it’s very addictive all the same. Sarah Lancashire’s performance as a hard hearted female lead high up in the police service is amazing, serious girl power points to her.

Main character Catherine


And that’s my month! I hope you had a good May too.

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