“I’m Doing Things At My Own Pace”

'I am doing things at my own pace and that's ok' quote next to a drawing of a snail.

Good morning to the lovely people in upside down world…
At the moment I am feeling very stressed and like there is too much to do but not enough time (or energy) to do it. Last week’s exams are now over, and I am pretty sure I would like to re-sit two of my subjects next year. Believe me, I tried my best. A lot of realisations have taken place and the repercussions of which have been pretty harsh on my mind. This amounted to me falling asleep in a sociology exam. Truth is, I’m behind on eating and behind on sleeping and I didn’t have time to put it right. On telling people my re-sit revelation everyone seemed shocked. “You’ll be fine”s and “You can’t do that”s create a war field between our bodies, laptops and phones. But re-sitting isn’t the end of the world. I know it won’t be fine. I know exams didn’t go well, so I am just going to do this at my own pace with the hope that I will then be able to put all I have into everything. I am looking for the balance of getting the grades I want, being the person I would like to be and finding the happiness which I believe these achievements will bring in turn. In the long run I think it is this which will take me the furthest. Sometimes bad stuff happens, even if you have exams.

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  1. I know what you mean and I totally feel you. I’m in the middle of stacks of essays and exams and I focus mainly on rewards I set after to motivate myself like a book I’m waiting to read after my exams!!

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