Pickle in her Prime

What if there were little monsters living under your bed?

What would they look like and what would they say?

Would they be comatose at night or would they fidget and get rowdy?

May I present Pickle…

A small monster with a human like body covered in red spirals. She has blue antenas and large red eyes made from boiled sweets. She is holding a large question mark.








My resident monster.

She is a creative writing exercise, not a sleep deprived mind’s hallucination. She is a little monster with a lot of energy. She has springs under her feet and a tendency to draw attention to herself… In fact once she is noticed it is very difficult to get her out of your head. And not in a good way. She will bounce up and down in front of your pillow and throw you questions and ponderings which never would have crossed your mind beforehand. Pickle has big eyes which she uses to watch everything you do whilst the sun is up, and at night she will spin fact and thought like a multicoloured roundabout so it all blurs together. She is a very inquisitive soul and will question each and every decision and interaction you made during the day. However Pickle does not have ears. She does not hear me when I tell her that I would really like to go to sleep now, thank you very much. Out of all of those who live under my bed she is one of the happier monsters, and she is thankfully not like the more sinister ones with harsh dial-up tones for voices. Pickle can sometimes be lulled to sleep using Radio 4 or long and boring podcasts; she has too much energy to sit and listen to those. Instead she will bounce back under my bed and leave me in peace. On other nights she will stay up and natter away to me, despite my best efforts to block her out. Sometimes she is still sitting on my pillow as the sun wakes up. I fear that tonight is one of those nights.

To summarise:

It is 4am and Pickle and her friends are keeping me wide awake. They have visited me every night for quite a while now and I am beginning to get tired of their antics. It is to the point where I am considering asking Lai to pretend to be my solicitor and to write them a letter, asking them not to squat here and to move on. These monsters are excellent gate crashers…

I made my portrait of Pickle out of boiled sweets, blue tac, sharpie ink and a fidget toy. I’d love it if you could let me know all about your own little monsters…!

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