I Forget That You Exist- And That is My Biggest Compliment.

Four years ago today a puppy was born who would go on to change my life and touch those of the people around me. She gained the trust of my parents to keep their daughter safe, the respect of my friends and eventually the pride of my, once reluctant, secondary school. She has travelled all over the country with me and was my motivation to get up and keep going when it was really tough for me to find that strength from within myself. And four years ago, in fact up until only eighteen months ago, I had no idea she even existed.

She helps me in so many ways every day without fail. Each morning she wakes me up by licking my hand or by staring patiently at me from the side of my bed. She knows what I am feeling better than I do most of the time, leading to people observing her rather than me in order to know how I am doing. She is a guide dog plus so much more and I owe her so much.

I forget that she exists even now that our paths have well and truly crossed. I forget she is there because she is so seamlessly a part of me. I am not trapped, or stuck, or lost when I have her. In any tricky situation she always seems to be able to help me “find the door”. She has shown me a freedom which I would not have been able to even imagine beforehand.

So here’s to Noodle- a star in her own right and a friend to nearly everyone she meets.

Thank you for existing.

Lai and myself in a coffee shop

7 thoughts on “I Forget That You Exist- And That is My Biggest Compliment.

    1. I think it is a fantastic honour that they give so much to us. I find it particularly strange to think that in the time that I have had her Laila has experienced and seen everything that I have! Thank you for reading x

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